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Back Home Beer produces beer inspired and influenced by the delicious flavors of the Middle East – the birthplace of beer. The founder, Zahra, was born to Iranian immigrants who relocated to the states during the revolution. Zahra heard countless stories about her grandfather making wine and fermenting beer deep in the cellar at their home in Shiraz, Iran. He often malted his own barley, dried the grain in the sun, and worked hard to perfect his craft. Playing music within their walled garden, dancing and sharing his beer with neighbors, Baba Joon (grandpa) was magic in the community. Zahra longed to bring some of his fabled recipes to life, thus, Back Home Beer was born.

Back Home Beer is a first-generation and woman-owned beer company in Brooklyn, New York. They are focused on sharing a little bit of life “back home” with you. Using ingredients like Persian blue salt, barberries and sun-dried black limes – all distinctive to the region they are representing – Back Home Beer hopes to craft flavors that are both diverse and thoughtful in experience. Their mission is clear – empower women, support immigrants and take care of their surrounding communities, all while making deliciously unique beer.

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