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Zahra grew up within a family of immigrants – her grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins all lived within a few blocks. Stories about life “back home” were often told, including stories about her grandfather brewing beer in Shiraz, Iran. This inspired Zahra to dig deep into the history of beer making in Iran, discovering (to her surprise), that the earliest physical trace of beer dates back to present day Iran. This motivated Zahra to explore the craft of beer making. With the help of her local homebrew shop (the lovely John & Doug at Bitter & Esters), brewing books and online videos, she began to experiment with different recipes. After a few years of tinkering (and brave friends/family tasting her recipes), Zahra is ready to share her beer with the community. Beer inspired & influenced by her Persian/Middle Eastern roots.

Zahra earned her degree in business at The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to founding Back Home Beer, Zahra worked as a news writer in both television and print. An avid animal lover, she has volunteered for a local dog rescue for many years and has fostered hundreds of pups before finding their forever homes. Zahra has lived in New York City for 16 years, and currently resides in Brooklyn with her partner and their son, Milo.

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